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Your destination for interior design projects.

Let Italian design take over your home! Improve your interior in design and function. Thats what we do. We offer you a wide range of high-end tailor made products following your preferences. All woods are shaped according to your desires to create a unique interior that reflects your individual image.

Among our many creations, we are also the exclusive dealer in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the fantastic brand “La Sartoriale Cave à Vin”. The unique and elegant system for storing great wines and beautiful objects.



RED-OAK WINE CELLAR FURNUTURES ® develops and manufactures elegant, aging cellars that will seduce epicureans, lovers of great wines and beautiful objects.

We provide you the best storage conditions while creating effective and stylish products.

A wine cellar that reflects your collection.



Our products containing wood from well managed forests according to the strict environmental, social and economic standards established and approved.

They are made in compliance whit quality parameters and specific environmental protection and health safety certifications. 

  • Plastic-free packaging
  • OLB® Origin and Legality of Forest Products Bureau Veritas Certification
  • FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® 
  • PEFC® Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
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